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kolby kolba łoże osada karabin karabinu karabinów wojna światowa militaria broń bagnet kabura żabka okucie replika repliki Arisaka Berthier Enfield Krag Krag-Jorgensen Mannlicher Mauser Mosin Lebel wooden stocks stock pazba schaft laminated

Fox Inc. Leszek Foks

Hello, if you are here you are looking for wooden parts for rifles or carbines from I and II World War.

Check my work here: Products

I can make stocks from walnut, beech and also from laminated wood with red glue.

!!! Time for new orders is about 10 months at the moment.

Please don't ask for other models that are not listed on me website.



I accept payment by PayPal, Western Union or money transfer on bank account.

Shipping & Handling.

To countries outside Europe (always priority package):
50 USD 1-2kg (60USD to USA with insurance)
58 USD 2-3kg

To countries in Europe (standard package):
25 EUR 1-3kg
To countries in Europe (priority package):
30 EUR 1-3kg

In case of other smaller parts and accesories:
About 10-15 USD / 7-12 EUR

You will get more details after order

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